Certified Life Coach

Hi! I'm Coach Deb, working with my first life coach, almost 15 years ago, totally transformed my whole life.

Now I help you transform yours.

Coach Deb Anderson

I had an amazing career in the Air Force before retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel in 2013 to stay home with my newborn son and 3 year old daughter.

I had my children later in life because of my career.  So I wanted to do everything possible to grow healthy babies.  I just knew that I needed to transform my health first.

I did my research and that's how I found Whole Food Plant Based living.

But here’s the thing - I was on again, off again for years before I finally cracked the code and figured out how to make it work in the real world, with real life happening, and the Husband, and the kids.

Coaching changed my life

What made the difference for me was Coaching.  I found my first Life Coach in 2010 - working with her was the key to making the changes in my life that I had wanted to make for years and years.  I needed Support to shift and change and grow.  Hiring my first Life Coach was the best decision I ever made.

As my kids grew and started going to school...I was ready for my next career.

I knew how much coaching had changed my life and I wanted to affect that kind of change in others - I literally wanted to shout from the mountain tops.

I decided to become a Certified Life Coach through The Life Coach School: https://thelifecoachschool.com/certified-coach/deb-anderson/

I started serving my private clients with my One on One coaching practice, which I still enjoy because I am able to customize my approach to the clients needs.   I knew I could help more people in a group format if I focused in on one area of Life.

That led me to create Simply Planted, my signature small group coaching program, which combines my coaching skills with my knowledge and experience in Whole Food Plant Based living.

I share my very best tools with my clients so they can completely transform their life.


Freedom and Peace…Freepeace.  You get to feel it, and you know that you can generate it for yourself whenever you want or need to.

I actually created my own word for the feeling that coaching helped me discover, Freepeace.  It’s two words smashed together Freedom and Peace…Freepeace.

I believe that’s the feeling you get from coaching.  You get to feel it AND you learn how to create it for yourself whenever you want or need to.

I wanted to spread Freepeace throughout the world so I started my own coaching business.

I help people transform their Mental and Physical health.

If you are ready to move away from stress and towards peace, if you are ready to experience your current life in a different way, then Coaching is for you.

I use my wealth of knowledge, years of experience, and the best Coaching tools in the world to help you Change your life.

If you are not well physically, consider Whole Food Plant Based living and check out my small group coaching program Simply Planted.

It is truly extraordinary!


About Deb

I live at home in Tucson Arizona with my husband Mark, my daughter Julia, my son John, and the best dog in the world Spot. We love getting outside for family bike rides, RVing, and hiking.  When I'm not Coaching with clients or spending time with my family you can find me trying to win big on the Tennis courts!

Free Webinar

How to live Plant Based in real life

If you've been wanting to be plant based...but you feel like life just keeps getting in the way and you wonder if you should even keep trying...you are in the right place.   I'll teach you the 3 most important things to do to create a whole food plant based life that is sustainable and doesn't require 100% perfection.

It is Simple • It is doable • It can work in your everyday life!

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