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Hi! I'm Deb, I found my first life coach almost 15 years ago, getting the help I wanted - totally changed the direction of my life

Now I help you transform your life

Coach Deb Anderson

Hello and Welcome to my About Page!

It’s me, Deb Anderson, and one of my values is Transparency. I believe in being as transparent as possible, whenever possible. So I’m going to write this about page in the first person.

Lifelong Learning and Growth is an anchoring value for me. That’s why after retiring from an amazing 21 year Career as an Officer in the U.S. Air Force I became a Certified Life Coach. I didn’t stop there, I continued to pursue knowledge and skills.  Now, I am proud to be a Master Certified Life and Leadership Coach.  

Coaching transformed my life in amazing ways

I discovered the power of Coaching in 2010 when I hired my first Life Coach to help me rebuild my life after my Divorce. This was, hands down, the best decision I’ve ever made. It opened me up to so many new possibilities and new opportunities I hadn’t considered before. It allowed me to boldy go where I had never gone before (Is it OK to quote Star Trek here?). Sure, why not, this is my About page - full disclosure we love Star Wars too and I’m a huge Mandalorian and Jack Reacher fan 🙂 - back to the point - Coaching taught me skills I hadn't learned anywhere else.

I was able to put myself back together, to put my life back together, to Marry again and to have my second child. However, that work that I did with my first Coach (Sandy Hogan, Rest In Peace my friend) pales in comparison to the work I’ve done since.   Becoming a Certified Coach and continuing to pursue my own Mental and Emotional Wellth (My Word - I love to make up words - Well Mind, Well Body, Well Soul = Wellth) has been transformative. The World Class Coaching Tools that I use and teach to my clients now, are lightyears ahead of what I learned back in 2010.

I share my very best tools with my clients so they can completely transform any area of their life.


Freedom and Peace…Freepeace.  You get to feel it, and you know that you can generate it for yourself whenever you want or need to.

I created my own word for the product you get from meeting with a Coach.  It's actually a feeling - and the word I use to describe it is Freepeace.  It’s two words smashed together and integrated Freedom and Peace…Freepeace.

I believe that’s the feeling you get from coaching.  You get to feel it AND you learn how to generate it for yourself whenever you want or need to.

Everyone should have access to the knowledge and skills that I have learned so they can feel better.  I believe that anyone can learn to generate their own version of Freepeac.  That's what led me to start my coaching business and the


I went to college at the University of Colorado at Boulder.   There, I joined ROTC (the Reserve Officer Training Corps) and that’s how I got my commission in the United States Air Force.   Every semester, I would have a class on my schedule and it was called Lead Lab. I think it was actually LLab printed on my class schedule but we all called it Lead Lab.  Lead Lab met every Thursday afternoon, and we learned about Leadership, we practiced Leadership, we developed Leadership skills, and we connected with each other.  The Lead Lab is where it all started for me.  I went on to have an incredible career in the Air Force, however, I did not always have incredible Leaders.   Don't get me wrong, I experienced many examples of great Leadership with great Leaders.  However, I also learned a lot about what not to do, how not to lead, from those in positions of authority.     I created the LeadLab group program to support Leaders who want to be great, who want to continue to learn and grow.  For Leaders who don't want to figure it out alone.  Leadership can feel lonely, but it doesn't have to be.  

About Deb

I live in Tucson, Arizona with my husband Mark, my daughter Julia, my son John, and the best dog in the world Spot. We love getting outside for family bike rides, RVing, and hiking.  When I'm not Coaching with clients or spending time with my family you can find me trying to win big on the Tennis courts!

Have you heard about the LeadLab?

Learn • Grow • Develop • Connect

LeadLab is for Mid Level Leaders who want help and support, who want to be done navigating Leadership alone.  Join me inside the LeadLab

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