Welcome to the Lead Lab

A place for Mid Level Leaders to

Learn • Grow • Develop • Connect

I Believe Leaders Want Support

I believe you want to be Truly Great at Leading, you want to continue to Learn and Grow beyond the certificates.   I have created the Lead Lab for you.  

When I was where you are, I did a lot of suffering alone and in silence knowing no-one had my back.  If this is you - you belong in the Lab.  It is a place for leaders to:

  • bring the messy situations
  • the undecided decisions
  • the tough conversations that need to be happening but aren't
  • the questions about how do you actually motivate the unmotivated people
  • bring the dilemmas about how to create a great environment to work in

You are not alone.  You CAN get the help and support you need ... we work it all out, together, in the LeadLab.

Here's how LeadLab works:

  • First Names Only - This is a confidential, judgement free zone, where you can bring your specific situations (minus the specific identifying details) for coaching/mentoring/advising
  • 1 Hour Zoom on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month
    • First 15 min - I will teach a tool or topic of importance to you
    • Next 45 min - Open for questions / specific situations to work through / role playing practice / coaching, mentoring, advising
  • **Free till April** Then just $88/Month


**New** LeadLab for Mid Level Leaders

Free till April

Then just $88/Month

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Have questions?

E-mail deb@debandersoncoaching.com - I will get back to you w/in 48 hours.

Hi, I'm Deb. Do you follow Simon Sinek?  He is one of my Teachers and I have created LeadLab, in part, because I want to contribute to the helping others section!   I'm a retired Air Force Officer turned Life & Leadership Coach.  I spent many years in the Leadership Trenches without the help and support I wanted and needed.  I experienced more examples of what not to do than what to do.  So now I am here providing a space for you.  Join me!  Let's not go it silent and alone.  As Simon says - and in my experience so true - we are better together.