Welcome to the Lead Lab

A place for Mid Level Leaders to

Learn • Grow • Develop • Connect

I Believe Leaders Want Support

I believe you want to be Truly Great at Leading, you want to continue to Learn and Grow beyond the certificates.   I have created the Lead Lab for you.  

When I was where you are, I did a lot of suffering alone and in silence knowing no-one had my back.  If this is you - you belong in the Lab.  It is a place for leaders to:

  • bring the messy situations
  • the undecided decisions
  • the tough conversations that need to be happening but aren't
  • the questions about how do you actually motivate the unmotivated people
  • bring your dilemmas about how to create a Team

You are not alone.  You CAN get the help and support you need ... we work it all out, together, in the LeadLab.

Here's how LeadLab works:

  • First Names Only - This is a confidential, judgement free zone, where you can bring your situations (minus the specific identifying details) for coaching/mentoring/advising
  • 1 Hour Zoom on select Fridays 
    • First 15 min - I will teach a tool or topic of importance to you
    • Next 45 min - Open for questions / specific situations to work through / role playing practice / coaching, mentoring, advising
  •  Just $44.00 per hour


LeadLab for Leaders

Small Group Coaching

Fridays at 12 Noon Pacific Time

$44.00 Per Session

(Best Deal on the Internet 🙂

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Have questions?

E-mail deb@debandersoncoaching.com - I will get back to you w/in 48 hours.

Hi, I'm Deb. Do you follow Simon Sinek?  He is one of my Teachers and I have created LeadLab, in part, because I want to contribute to the helping others section!   I'm a retired Air Force Officer turned Life & Leadership Coach.  I spent many years in the Leadership Trenches without the help and support I wanted and needed.  I experienced more examples of what not to do than what to do.  So now I am here providing a space for you.  Join me!  Let's not go it silent and alone.  As Simon says - and in my experience so true - we are better together.