Simply Planted

Whole Food Plant Based Small Group Coaching

Ready to start or recommit to a Plant Based Journey?  This is for you!

We will make it Simple + Easy & Fun

You've made the decision to go plant based for your health or to reach your optimal body weight and now it just feels too hard to do in the real world

It takes too much time, it's not fun, it's definitely not easy.  You want to eat what you want to eat and it's not always the plants you planned.   People you thought would be supportive are not, or they are trying to derail you...

Going out to eat feels impossible, traveling is super stressful and you're dreading vacations and holidays.  At this point you're questioning whether you want to be plant based at all...

If this sounds about right, you are not alone - you're in the right place!

Simply Planted is a small group coaching program to help you transition to a Whole Food Plant Based life.

You'll learn a new way to be plant based that feels do-able, fun and easy.

You'll have a community, a dedicated coach and everything you need to create an amazing plant-based life!

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Why group coaching?

Small group coaching is incredibly powerful and effective.  You will get personalized attention and support for your specific challenges and you will learn from others at the same time.  This will be an amazingly supportive program - you will get exactly what you need here.

Program Details

What you will learn

By the end of this 4 week program you will be off to an amazing start to your plant based life.  You will have all the knowledge and tools necessary to live plant based in a natural, sustainable, non-restrictive, non-perfectionistic way.  You'll feel so much better after 4 weeks on plants that you'll want to keep going.

You will build new habits that become second nature. You will feel incredibly clear around your decision making. This will be simple and fun with many positive byproducts including weight loss and tons more energy. This super supportive program will help you discover new ways to enjoy Simply Planted living.

Over 4 weeks, we'll cover:

  • The Simple eating formula and easy ways to prepare for a plant based week
  • How to create your simple, easy, and fun plant based life
  • Ordering out, travel and holidays with family
  • How to cement your new skills into habits



What you get


    • 4 group coaching calls (60 mins) via Zoom


    • Coach Deb's Data Tracker to print out and track your progress


    • Support from Coach Deb in between sessions via a special app (Slack)


    • Live teaching and coaching from an amazing Certified Life Coach and plant-based enthusiast - that's me - Coach Deb






This group is for you if:

    • You're just starting your Plant Based Journey


    • You're recommitting to Plant Based Living


    • You are ready to try 4 weeks of Plants


    • You are looking for a sustainable and simple way to reach your ideal body weight without drugs or surgery



This group isn't a great fit for you if:

    • You're Vegan - this group is Plant Based but not in a restrictive way


    • You haven't made the decision to try out Whole Food Plant Based Living


    • You're a perfectionist (although coaching can really help with this)


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On the fence?

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Hi, I'm Coach Deb. I help you transition to Whole Food Plant Based Living in a Simple, Easy and Fun way!

I'm a retired Air Force Officer turned Life & Leadership Coach and I just love what I do - helping people use plants to maintain or regain their health.

I live in Tucson, Arizona with my husband Mark, my daughter Julia, my son John, and the best dog in the world Spot. We love getting outside for family bike rides, RVing, and hiking.  When I'm not Coaching with my clients or spending time with my family you can find me trying to win big on the Tennis courts!